Eight SFPS schools are among the state’s highest-performing schools, according to an announcement today from the New Mexico Public Education Department (PED).  The Academy for Technology and the Classics (ATC), SFPS’ charter school, Acequia Madre Elementary, Atalaya Elementary, Carlos Gilbert Elementary, El Dorado Community School and Wood Gormley Elementary attained the Excellence designation, while Mandela International Magnet School and Tesuque Elementary attained the Spotlight designation.  

Atalaya Elementary, Carlos Gilbert Elementary and El Dorado Community School moved from Spotlight, recognizing schools in the top 25 percent of school performance, to Excellence, recognizing schools in the top 10 percent, and Tesuque Elementary School moved from Traditional to Spotlight.  

“We are so proud of all our schools and students!  Everyone is striving for excellence.  The improved designations speak to our success in implementing standards-based instruction and grading, summer programming, work-based learning and a whole range of new and innovative programs,” said Superintendent Hilario “Larry” Chavez.  “With the addition this year of our new school improvement lead, we have increased our focus on improved student outcomes in schools with lower designations.  I am confident that we will gradually bring all schools to higher levels of performance,” he said.

Fourteen schools attained the Traditional designation, meaning their students need traditional supports on the path to becoming Spotlight or Excellence schools.  Of particular note are Amy Biehl Community School, Aspen Community School, Gonzales Community School, Ortiz Middle School and Ramirez Thomas Elementary, which improved their designations from Additional Targeted Support and Improvement or ATSI to Traditional.

“We are so proud of these schools, which brought more students to higher performance,” he said.

The 14 schools designated as Traditional are Amy Biehl Community School; Aspen Community School; Capital High School; Cesar Chavez Elementary; Chaparral Elementary School; E.J. Martinez Elementary; Early College Opportunities High School (ECO); Ortiz Middle School; Nava Elementary; Gonzales Community School; Kearny Elementary; Milagro Middle School; Pinon Elementary; and Ramirez Thomas Elementary.

Six schools were targeted by the PED for needing additional supports for some students as follows:  Nina Otero Community School was designated as a Targeted Support and Improvement or TSI school; El Camino Real Academy, Salazar Elementary School and Santa Fe High School was designated as ATSI schools; and Desert Sage Academy and Sweeney Elementary School were designated as Comprehensive Support and Improvement Low Performance or CSI schools. 

“We in no way believe that our schools needing additional supports for some students are not reaching excellence every day.  They definitely are, with students receiving high-quality teaching and learning and striving to overcome learning obstacles.  We are fully committed to their success and expect great things ahead as we implement new teaching and learning strategies specific to their needs,” said Deputy Superintendent Vanessa Romero.